Blue Pearl Mortgage Investment Corporation


Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, were created to make mortgage investing easy. The MIC allows individuals to pool their funds, similar to a mutual fund, and invest those funds in a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial mortgage loans. In this case, Blue Pearl Mortgage Investment Corporation, having over 40 years of mortgage lending experience focuses on markets with strong growth and capturing market segments that are not typically filled by traditional banks and investment products.

Why Mortgage Investment Corporations were created:

Mortgage Investment Corporation's were introduced in 1973 by the Government of Canada through the Residential Mortgage Financing Act to make it easier for small investors to participate in the residential mortgage and real estate markets.

MICs have their place in the alternative financing ecosystem as proven by their longevity and popularity. They do not fall under the same regulations as banks, and may lend on a property’s value with as many or as few guarantees as the individual MIC manager is prepared to accept on behalf of the investor.

MICs are linked to the Canadian housing market since at least 50 percent of their holdings must be in residential real estate. The recent pace of the Canadian housing market has created a competitive environment.

The benefits of MIC investing:

The MIC’s management is responsible for all aspects of the company’s operations, including the sourcing of suitable mortgage investments, the analysis of mortgage applications, and the negotiation of applicable interest rates, terms and conditions, instruction of solicitors, mortgage portfolio and general administration. 

  • Real Estate Security: 
    Mortgages purchased by the MIC are secured by Canadian Real Estate.

RRSP / TFSA Eligible

Superior Returns:
The possibility to Earn 6% – 12% per year compared with 2% on GICs

Professional Management:
Blue Pearl Mortgage Investment Corp. has over 40 years experience amongst its team in the Mortgage Lending business.

Investors own a diversified portfolio of mortgage loans.

Regular Income: 
Investors can choose to take their dividends in cash or re-invest in more shares

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