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If these traits sound like you, consider joining our ever-growing team! At Blue Pearl, we foster a culture of growth, support, and open-mindedness. We've built a diverse and talented team that strives to be the best team possible each day. Our employees are our greatest asset, and they love celebrating successes and turning challenges into learning opportunities. In our dynamic work environment, there is endless potential, a plethora of resources, and unwavering support.

Join for the experience, stay for the people. 

Work for the fastest-growing mortgage companies in Canada, and become a Senior Mortgage Broker, working your way through the Blue Pearl Mortgage Tier system.


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Why work at Blue Pearl Mortgage Group

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    "It’s a safe place, where everyone can be open about their goals. Everyone cares about my growth. It’s a family that keeps on growing."


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    "I was one of the very first associates. Without the associate program, I would have bowed out of the game. It took a good year before I started receiving referrals. The program was a safety net for me when I started."


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    "I feel, since the first time I graduated university, I can see the next five years ahead of me. It feels right that I have found my place. I have everyone around me pushing me to pursue my personal and professional goals."


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    "When I walk into work every day, I feel welcomed. I always feel happy coming into work no matter what else is going on in my life. As a busy mom, work isn’t added stress, it makes my life better."


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    "I started out a commissioned broker, I chose to go into the associate program. If the associate program didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be in the industry today and I wouldn’t be able to do what I love."


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Blue Pearl Mortgage Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to inclusion and diversity.