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Panit  Kallu Mortgage Associate

Panit Kallu Mortgage Associate

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British Columbia & Saskatchewan

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Panit has delved in the Banking and Mortgage industry since 2005, on and off, and and most recently has gone two feet in. She prides herself by creating an easy, understandable and open approach to financing. She always works along side her clients to help them achieve their financial and personal goals, no situation or problem is too big or unattainable. Her success is widely attributed to her many roles in the industry, her relentless ability to always find a solution and her natural ability to understand and connect with her clients. Panit looks forward to continuously grow her reach in the community and help her clients one success story at a time. Panit considers her clients her family and will go to bat to help them achieve their goals whether it be becoming debt free, putting money back in your pocket or getting that house they have always dreamt of. In her spare time, Panit loves to travel and explore the diversity and beauty of the world.

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