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Jennifer Souvanvong Senior Mortgage Broker

Jennifer Souvanvong Senior Mortgage Broker

Markets Served:
British Columbia & Calgary, Alberta


Jennifer is a dedicated Senior Mortgage Broker at Blue Pearl Mortgage Group, first beginning her career in the banking industry back in 2003. Jennifer left working for a major financial institution in 2012 to pursue her career as a Mortgage Broker as a new career venture. In 2013, she achieved the Top Mortgage Broker award for her firm. Her success is widely attributed to her many roles in her past and her ability to multi-task. Jennifer has had numerous success stories with clients boasting about her capability to not only assist them with their mortgage but make them feel as it is her personal mission to help them achieve their future goals of either becoming debt free, saving money, or freeing up some extra money. Jennifer and her team are committed to always being available to all past, present and future clients.

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