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Elischa Salazar Corporate Trainer

Elischa Salazar Corporate Trainer

Markets Served:
British Columbia & Ontario


Elischa Salazar began his career in finance back in 2007. His passions lie in helping and developing the people around him, volunteering for his Church to assist the surrounding communities, and working intelligently and hard to provide quality work that is consistent with his values. If he can fit in a great match of Rugby all the much better! He is always looking outside of the box to provide tailor made solutions for his customer’s to not only enhance their experience but to build long lasting relationships to provide the counsel and solutions his clients need to build the futures they have always dreamed of into a reality. His vision is to spread the message that there will always be help and options to fulfill the goals and objectives they have in life and is looking forward to building that same relationship with you to achieve what’s important to you, today.

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